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Re: Paradigms in e-learning

From: "Brad Jensen" <[log in to unmask]>

> I believe the shift to be at a more fundemental level of learning - at the
> epistemological strata, how we view knowledge. I suggest we should bring our
> discussion down to the roots. If knowledge is built witin the minds of the
> learner, as the Constructivists would have us believe, then how is it mediated
> through an electronic medium or web interface? For those of you interested in
> my developing doctorial research in 'telepistemology' I invite you to my
> website at:
The learning process occurs within the mind of the learner - or not at all.

'Knowledge' is an abstraction and doesn't occur anywhere.

The experience of the student always happens in the same place - within
their own mind. As I pointed out in a previous email, virtual experiences
are real experiences. In the mind of the student, as, for us all, reality is
a simulation.

> Cheers Anthony 'Skip' Basiel Work Based Learning Development Tutor UK eTutor
> of the Year 2004 Macromedia Education Leader
Two more lines and you would have a resume!

Brad Jensen (I wonder if I could get Google to let me adsense these lines
after my name)

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